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Hands Rejuvenation

At Dr Abby Clinic, we care about not just face and body, but also hands.

The telltale signs of aging not only include crow’s feet and gray hair, but also older looking hands – the kind of hands with skin that doesn’t bounce back anymore when you pinch it.

Dermal fillers replace loss of subcutaneous fat, restoring the plumpness and suppleness of hands.

Hydration cell therapy (Painless Platelet Rich Plasma) rejuvenates your skin improving texture, wrinkles and lines with a gradual natural change.
By placing it into the deeper skin layer fibroblasts and other cells can be stimulated to a more youthful function, preventing formation of crepey rough skin texture.
Lumiquin® – brightening treatment for younger-looking hands

Take time off your hands with this rejuvenating nighttime formula packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants.


  • Brightens skin and minimizes the appearance of imperfections
  • Enhances skin’s moisture level so hands look smoother
  • Supports skin’s natural moisture barrier

Who benefits – All skin types.

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