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Our Services

Hydration Cell Therapy (painless platelet rich plasma aka vampire facelift)

The secret of graceful aging of many of our clientele.

Hydration Cell Therapy is a specialized platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment pioneered by Dr Abby Ousman.
We use MyCells™, the only PRP kit that obtained grade IIIA US FDA approval which means, safe for facial injections.


Compared to traditional PRP involving painful manual injections, our treatment is done using a special skin injecting device that will be a painless experience for you with very minimal downtime. This means you don’t have to take time off work nor reschedule that important event in your calendar in the days that follow.
It treats wrinkles and fine lines, dry crepey skin and if done in series, able to plump up your skin, brings out an immediate pinkish glow, prevents dehydration, improves skin laxity and loss of volume.

Fore more info call 03-6211 3611 or email info@drabbyclinic.com